What is Cannabis Tincture? Also known by other names such as Green Dragon or Green, the cannabis tincture is an alcoholic extract of the cannabis plant. The compounds of cannabis such and THC and CBD are extracted from the cannabis using high-proof alcohol. Cannabis tincture delivers a potent amount of THC similar to other form of extracts such as shatter and kief.  

Until the enactment of the law that prohibited the use of cannabis in 1930s, cannabis tincture was the most popular method of deriving the benefits of the cannabis plant in the US and Canada. Compared to other methods such as smoking, the tincture comes as a heathier alternative while holding the number 1 position for the quickest delivery of THC and CBD. Bilingual consumption of cannabis tincture starts to display its psychoactive properties within minutes. In this post, we cover everything you should know about cannabis tinctures, how to use them, how to make cannabis tinctures, benefits, effects, side effects, and more.   

Cannabis Tincture Effects

The high of the cannabis tincture is similar to any other form of cannabis consumption; however, the time it takes to show the psychoactive effects is relatively low with tinctures. When taken bilingually, cannabis tincture can take effect within minutes. With other food and drinks, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour for the effects to become evident. The amount and type of high depends on the strain used for making the tincture.  

Cannabis Tincture Benefits

There is nothing new about tinctures, it’s the oldest method of extracting plant compounds for medicinal use including cannabis. The most famous method of making a tincture is by submerging the plant in high-proof alcohol for a few weeks. This allows the compounds of the plant to be released into the alcohol which can be then used for medicinal purposes, in case of cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Here are some benefits of cannabis tincture.

  • A healthier alternative

A large number of prefer to consume cannabis via smoking. For a large variety of buds you can see some we recommend here. While this a popular method, it’s not the healthiest. Inhaling any form of smoke is harmful to the body and can cause a wide range of respiratory problems. Smoking is also linked to premature aging. For people who are looking for a healthier option to smoking, the cannabis tincture is just what you needed. When taken sublingually, the tincture can take immediate effects providing relief to the patient.

  • Cannabis tincture for pain

Among the variety of ailments that can be cured or relieved with cannabis, the pain relief properties of cannabis tincture is widely accepted. Patients with chronic pain and ailments that result in unbearable pain can take the tincture to obtain immediate relief. Studies suggest that regular and moderate use of the tincture can help manage pain to quite an extent over a period of time. Some patients even claim the cannabis tincture to provide a long-term cure to a variety of diseases.  

  • Cannabis tincture for cancer

There is no definitive answer or study that claims that cannabis tincture can cure cancer; however, promising results have been discovered. As per a 1975 study, the use of tincture can slow the growth of cancer cells. A more recent report in 2019, where a man with lung cancer choose cannabis as a method of treatment and the tumor responded positively to the cannabis treatment. Regardless of whether cannabis tincture can cure cancer or not, it is widely accepted that THC and CBD in cannabis can help manage the symptoms of cancer to a great extent. The patient feels livelier and can engage more in everyday activities.

  • Rapid delivery of cannabinoids

When taken under the tongue, the cannabis tincture takes immediate effect and quickly delivers the THC, CBD, and other compounds. In most cases, the patient or the user can start to experience the effects of the tincture within 5-10 minutes, attaining the optimum full high in 20 minutes. As tinctures directly enter the bloodstream from the tongue, it is quicker in the effects.

  • Suitable for paediatric patients

The cannabis tincture is the most suitable form of cannabis that can be administered on patients of all age groups including pediatric patients. It does not involve the risk of smoking. For people who are concerned about the psychoactive effects of cannabis, the tincture is also available with only CBD – compound without the psychoactive properties. 

  • Cannabis tincture is available with or without THC

THC is the compound in cannabis that’s responsible for all the psychoactive properties. The two chemicals that have the medicinal property are THC and CBD. With the cannabis tincture, you have the option to buy THC tincture or CBD tincture. 

  • Precise dose

Although the threat of overdosing in negligible with cannabis, with tinctures you have complete control over the amount of THC and CBD you want in your body. You can consume the tincture drop-by-drop, so you can consume the precise dose. 

  • Cannabis tincture has a long shelf life

As tinctures are mostly alcohol, the life of the medication is long. If well-sealed and preserved, the cannabis tincture can easily last for years. 

How to Use Cannabis Tincture?

The tincture can be used in any form your heart pleases, there is literally nothing you can do wrong with consuming the cannabis tincture, but depending on the method of consumption, the time it takes the high to take effect may vary. Taking drops under the tongue is the best method to use cannabis tincture due to its efficient delivery and the quick high. You can use the tincture in edibles, with food, burger, drinks, tea, or anything else.     

Cannabis tincture is as the name suggests a tincture made from cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis in the US and Canada, tinctures are becoming popular, but there is nothing new about cannabis tinctures. It’s how cannabis was traditionally consumed in the US until the enactment of the prohibition.

However, the good days are here and most of the states have legalized cannabis. Without diving deeper into the cannabis politics, let’s see how to best use the cannabis tincture.

There are various ways to consume the cannabis from concentrates, bongs, joints to bath bombs. Sometimes it seems that there is no end to the creativity of people when it comes to cannabis consumption with new and fancier techniques emerging every now and them. Nonetheless, when we think of the best and the quickest method of deriving the high and the benefits of THC and CBD, the cannabis tincture remains an all-time favorite.

Instructions to Use Cannabis Tincture

Although you can consume the tincture in any way – orally, with drinks, in food or any other method you think suitable, oral consumption remains the best way to derive the effects of the cannabis. The quickest way when the cannabis enters the bloodstream is through sublingual intake, i.e. under the tongue. When consumed with food or drink, the cannabis is digested slowly with the food delaying the effects. If you mix the cannabis tincture with food, the effects will take the same time to appear as with cannabis edibles.

Different users prefer to use the tincture differently, the medicinal benefits does not change in any way you choose to consume the tincture.

If you are a first timer, we advise to start with 1ml under the tongue and gradually increases the dose the next day. If the 1ml works for you, great! The trick here is to slowly discover the optimum amount for your body. Different users have different tolerance level so the best way to find out is experimentation.

Tips on How to Use Cannabis Tincture

  • For instantaneous effects and the best THC absorption in the body, the best method of using the cannabis tincture is sublingually (under the tongue).
  • Alcohol used to make the cannabis tincture is a popular process due to its potential of extracting the maximum amount of THC and CBD from the marijuana plant.
  • You can easily disguise the bitter taste of the tincture with the help of honey, water, or juice.
  • Do not buy the tincture from unidentifiable sellers as the tincture might contain toxins. Use a tincture from a seller with lab tested products or make the tincture yourself.
  • To derive the best effects of the tincture, do not consume anything 20 minutes after administering the tincture.
  • When given the choice, opt for a tincture made from whole plant flower instead of trim. Whole-plants contains more THC and CBD when compared to the trim.
  • Make an instant tea by adding one or two drops of the tincture in a cup of warm water. You can also add honey or sugar for added taste.
  • Different strains of cannabis have different cannabinoid ratio, the best way to find the appropriate ratio is trial and error.
  • To administer the cannabis tincture to a baby, the mother should consume the tincture and pass the cannabinoids though breast milk.
  • After you drop the tincture under the tongue, don’t consume it immediately, let it rest for a minute for maximum and quick absorption in the body.
  • Store the cannabis tincture in a dark, clean, and cool place to use it for years.

Derive the Most Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

With the wide range of benefits such as quick absorption, no-side effects, and the ease of usage, cannabis tincture is the best way of consuming the cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. We hope that this blog has provided sufficient information on how to use cannabis tincture.  

How to Make Cannabis Tinctures

With the use of alcohol, you might imagine the tincture to be potent and dangerous, but that is not the case. Cannabis tincture is a great way to deriving the THC and CBD from the cannabis plant for both medicinal and recreational use. It eliminates all the side effects with smoking while retaining the potency of the cannabis strain you are using.

Using the tincture is easy, start with 1ml by directly placing the drop under your tongue. If that works, you are good to go or try 2ml the other day. You can even consume the marijuana tincture with all types of food and drinks.

The Green Dragon Recipe for making Cannabis Tincture

Although, there are several recipes to make the cannabis tincture, we recommend you try this traditional and proven method known as the Green Dragon. This is the easiest method and can be made even by an amateur with minimal equipment.

Here are how to make cannabis tincture.

  • Decarboxylate the cannabis (Decarboxylation is the process that extracts the THC from the cannabis, this happens when the flower or the leaves are exposed to high degree heat such as when burning in a joint or when heated on a pan with butter) flower or extract. Before the decarboxylation process, make sure to grind the flower in a grinder to ensure consistency.
  • Use a high-proof liquor of around 190-proof and mix the cannabis in the liquor. Use a mason jar or other equipment that makes the mixture airtight.
  • Seal the jar and allow it to rest for a few weeks, shake the mixture few time every day.
  • After few weeks, use a coffee strainer and strain the cannabis debris.

The liquid you obtain is a cannabis tincture which you can start consuming.

This is the simplest way to make a cannabis tincture.

Cannabis Tincture Side Effects

There is no reason you will ever get overdosed with cannabis tincture when administered in the right proportion. In the worst-case scenario, an overdose on the tincture leads to drowsiness, and when you are trying to cure insomnia, sleepiness can hardly be considered as an overdose. Some of the common side effects of cannabis tincture are similar to other cannabis products. The side effects include drowsiness, tired legs after activity, dry mouth, withdrawal effects, and headaches.

Additional FAQ

  • Does cannabis tincture expire?

Although the cannabis tincture has a long self-life, it is not eternal. After a few years, the THC in the tincture will degrade and change to other compounds like CBN. The quality of the container and its contact with air also determines the life of the tincture. However, in most cases, it will be years before the tincture expires. 

  • Does cannabis tincture get you drunk?

If a few drops of alcohol can get you drunk, then yes the tincture can get you drunk. But, the answer is no, the tincture cannot get you drunk but more than a few drops can get you really high.

  • Does cannabis tincture need to be refrigerated?

It’s recommended that you store the tincture in a cool place, but refrigerating it will not cause any harm. You can want to refrigerate the tincture, go ahead do it. 

  • Can cannabis tincture be used topically?

It depends on the base of the tincture. If the tincture is an oil base such as coconut oil, it’s safe to apply topically. However, if it’s an alcohol base, it’s recommended that you dilute the tincture in oil before applying it to the skin. 

  • Where to store cannabis tincture?

You can store the tincture at any place where the tincture does not come in direct contact with sunlight. Ideally, the tincture should be stored in a cool, clean, and dark room.

  • Where can I buy cannabis tincture?

In the US and Canada, cannabis tincture is widely available in cannabis dispensaries. You can even order the tincture online and choose from a wide range of producers. 

  • How are cannabis tincture made?

Cannabis tinctures are made using an alcohol base. The cannabis flower is grounded and mixed with a high-proof liquor and left for weeks. Read our guide on how to make a cannabis tincture. 

  • How to make cannabis tincture with coconut oil?

Cannabis tincture made from coconut oil uses coconut oil and the cannabis mix simmered on the pan for an hour. For a detailed recipe, refer our blog on how to make the tincture with coconut oil. 

  • How to make cannabis tincture Canada?

In Canada, you would make the tincture the same way we do it in the US. If you are just starting out, we recommend you try the Green Dragon recipe because it’s the easiest. 

  • How to make cannabis tincture in crock pot?

Making the tincture using a crock pot is similar to using the stove, remember to keep the heat managed or you may burn the oil.

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